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The new era of Health and Safety regulations in New Zealand has forced many companies, retailers and speciality stores to rethink how they transport and store Dangerous and Non-Dangerous goods. This change has been swift and many people are playing catch up to avoid penalties and fines in this ever changing industry. Compliance is key now and Damar’s fortitude to meet the demands of increasing compliance has set Damar apart. 30 years of manufacturing, storage, and export experience makes this Kiwi owned and operated company one of the most compliant in the country. Damar foresaw the increasing Health and Safety regulations and completed their build of a brand new DG and Non-DG warehouse on site at their Rotorua location. This warehouse offers state of the art tracking and storage of goods, and their partnership with global transport leader Mainfreight allows for ease and compliance to avoid risk. Business Development Manager Graig McGregor shares some insights about the ever changing regulations and how Damar’s compliant warehousing options bode well for the future.

What makes Damars storage facility different from others in NZ?                                                                                Graig-McGreggor400px
I think first and foremost, it’s a new facility that has set the benchmark for other DG warehouses, in relation to HSNO requirements. Our clients know that their products are stored in accordance with the latest regulations, our investment in our facilities = peace of mind for the clients.

How are the new Health and Safety laws changing the way DG and Non-DG are stored? Do the laws affect how goods are shipped?
The old days of thinking “she’ll be right” are drawing to a close. Worksafe NZ are upping their game with dealing with non-compliant storage facilities. A recent meeting with a major food retailer has also confirmed Worksafe is starting to look at all storage facilities, with the said retailer having to invest in their current site or 3PL (third-party logistics), all DG products. Fortunately for the client we have the space to accommodate their products while their site is upgraded.

What do companies like most about the Damar storage facility?
Our location is pivotal to importers wanting a central distribution facility. Ease of access through the Tauranga port allows products to arrive into storage within shorter time frames and in most cases, more cost effectively. With the latest tech being used to receive and dispatch the products, errors are greatly reduced in turn saving money for clients, this is evident in multiple sku’s picks.

Do you have companies who also have Damar manufacture their products as well as store them?
I think this is a key strength of Damar, we offer a service that takes care of the product from conception (full R&D onsite) through to distribution. We have numerous global paint brands that we currently offer our complete service, manufacture/storage/distribution.
Damar currently (and has for the past 12 years) manufactures for the biggest automotive aerosol brand in ANZ, which shows we can handle the BIG guys and the small companies wanting a single product.

Mainfreight600pxWhere do you see the future of DG and NON DG storage – what can you foresee any more changes or a shift in next few years?
Funny you ask, was just thinking about this yesterday while filling petrol in my vehicle, is the petrol station doing all that it can to protect me while I am filling up. Have they put all the safety systems in place to ensure I live to see another day? This made me think about Damar; is Damar doing all that it can to protect the 200+ plus people that work there? I can honestly say I feel safe at work. Question is, what other companies out there can have their people say that about them. Long term, I think that the accountability is the key to a safer workplace. As workplaces become more complex, more needs to be done to get the “mums, dads, daughters and sons” home safely.

Anything else you would like to add?
We can learn from the past to shape the future; the rules are put in place for that very reason. Damar follows the rules and has control of its safety.

Graig McGregor
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For more information about Dangerous Goods storage or other Health and Safety regulations you can visit: http://www.worksafe.govt.nz/worksafe

Interview by Sophie Parish.

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